Pubs in Prague

Baby in Prague TV Tower
Baby at Prague
TV Tower.

I n Czech republic "pub" doesn't mean just a pub. We can talk about a whole pub culture. Czechs go to pubs to talk with their friends, to watch a football match, to have a rest, relax and play table football (or darts, cards). And the fact that number of drunk liters of beer per head is the highest in the world shows that Czechs really love beer. Beer in czech is cheap and price of Czech beer in pubs attract many tourists. Level and atmosphere are very different from pub to pub. Here are some tips for you.

Žižkov – The Prague pub district

Žižkov - Prague.
Streets of Žižkov with Prague TV Tower
in background.

P rague district the Žižkov, by foreigners sometimes called "Prague Montmartre" was originally one of Prague´s working-class districts. Žižkov had a reputation of a place with a lot of cheap pubs and where is not good to be after sunset.

Since then many things changed, but the higher than average number of pubs is here up to now. We, Czechs, says, that there is a pub "in each corner". You can see there the classical pubs with regulars sitting on their chairs from morning till evening (somewhere they even have names written on the chairs). But also a lot of pubs and bars with live music or DJ´s and still popular table footballs.

Yes, we know that the most interesting thing in Žižkov are local pubs, but there is a lot of other things worth seeing. So if you choose go for a walk, before you will start to explore Prague´s pubs and bars, we recommend to go to the Žižkov TV tower. You can go up by lift, or just stand down and look for statues of small babies (approx. 4 meters big), made by czech well known artist David Černý. A few meters from tower is small jewish cemetery, which you can also visit.

On the other side of Žižkov, there is Vítkov hill which offer beautiful view to Prague. Also there is National Memorial and the tomb and until recently, the highest equestrian statue of the world - it was overcame by a statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. If you want to go to the cinema, you can visit club cinema Aero, which offers good quality films which you can not see in any other Prague cinemas.

Underground style Prague pub "Parukářka"

"Small pub with a big beer garden - in the middle of park - beautiful view to Prague center."

Prague park Parukářka.
Parukářka in late autumn with Prague TV Tower.

P ub Parukarka is one of the most pleasant places in Prague, especially during summer time - see weather in Prague. You can sit in a beer garden or can take your beer and sit on the ground in the surrounding park (see Parks in Prague). In park take place interesting concerts or other cultural events. Here you can visit small music festivals, film festivals, performances for chldren or global festival Million Marihuana March.

Pub Parukářka is within Prague a very unique place. Not only because of beautiful view on Prague castle, National monument on the hill of Vitkov and downtown of Prague but for peculiar atmosphere as well - punks meets here with peoples with children, dogs etc..

Parukarka is a great place to visit with your children. There is a new big children playground right next to the pub, thus you can visit this place with your children and everyone will be satisfied :)

Parukářka pub in Prague.
Parukářka pub is situated in the center of park.
Parukářka pub Prague - map Adress: Hospůdka Na Parukářce
Parukářka / Vrch sv. Kříže, Praha 3 - Žižkov

How to get there?

Although Parukářka is situated on a quite separate place on the St. Cross hill, far of the city bustle, you can reach there easy by tram, bus (see Prague bus and tram routes map.) or by walk from Prague quarter Žižkov.
By tram, you have to go by tram no. 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 and get off on the Olšanské náměstí station and then by walk up to the hill.

Výtopna Prague restaurant

"Restaurant, where a beer brings you a beer train."

Prague Restaurant Výtopna.
Railroad track in Výtopna restaurant.

R estaurant Výtopna is a unique place not only in Prague but throughout Europe. The restaurant has an area of 750 m2 and 400 meters of tracks with the trains, which will bring your drinks to the table. Trains are real models with authentic sounds or smoke from a chimney. Restaurant Vytopna was based by entrepreneur and lover of trains Peter Frederick first in Brno and then on Wenceslas Square in Prague.

Train runs for the next load.
The train returns to the bar to draw more beer.

In total you will be served by 15 locomotives in scale 1:22,5 (Model Railroad G). Trains can run all at once at speeds up to 20 km / h, so it is sometimes nice yard rush. On the track there are two tunnels, pool and five drawbridges. Trains have their own lighting and are equipped with a webcam. Each train can haul up to 12 beers at once!

The entire restaurant is equipped by free WI-FI internet connection, the restaurant is fully air-conditioned and there is a smoking and non-smoking section.

Restaurant Výtopna - map Adress: Restaurace Výtopna Praha
Václavské nám. 56 (Palác Fénix), Praha 1

How to get there?

Restaurant Výtopna is directly on Wenceslas Square. - see Prague public transport map

Pub Pod Slavínem

"Classic Prague pub, excellent beer, proper portions of food."

Pod Slavínem pub, Prague.
Pod Slavínem pub looks ordinarily, but you will get there really
good beer and big portion of good food.

I t is really difficult to recommend pub in Prague - because here is too much good pubs! But if you want to get good czech food and if you like really big portion then the pub Pod Slavínem is good choice.

In Pod Slavínem pub is the right atmosphere of Prague pubs. Another advantage of this pub is beer (budvar) drafted straight from storage tank and not from classic beer keg, which guarantees superior quality. There are both smoking and non smoking section (you can smoke in the part of bar and in the beergarden), Wi-Fi is available for free and you can also watch sports on big screens.

Pod Slavínem pub Prague - map Adress: Restaurace Pod Slavínem
Svobodova 144/4, Praha 2

How to get there?

Pub Pod Slavínem is right next to tram station Albertov. You can get there from metro station Karlovo náměstí by trams no. 7, 18, 24, 53 and 55. - see Prague tram routes map

What is nearby? You can visit pub Pod Slavínem during your visit of Vyšehrad. You can go from pub in the direction to river and than left, under the rails. From there you can go up to the Vyšehrad or take a look to cubist architecture in neighbourhood.

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