Places to Go with Children in Prague

If you decide to spend your vacation in Prague with your children, do not be afraid that there is not a lot of attractions, where you can spend nice time. We want to offer you places, which can be entertaining not only for your kids, but also for you. Therefore do not expect tips like dino parks, luna parks or circus with bears riding on bike.. :)

Prague ZOO

"Prague ZOO - not only about Przewalski horses :)"

ZOO Prague.
Gorillas in Prague ZOO.

Prague zoo is that place which we cannot skip. The Prague zoo is justly proud of many international awards. And it is not only in connection with the breeding of Przewalski horses and their return to natural environment. There is still building new pavilions in Prague zoo and expands its area. The location of Prague zoo was not chosen randomly. It is located near the Vltava river and in the areal there are diverse natural environments - rocks, grassy hills and forest.

At the main gate, you can borrow for free a wooden cart, where you can put you babies - it will be easier for you and funnier for them. You don't need to make troubles with food - in Prague zoo is a lot of takeaway with wide range of food.

It is not good idea if you want to see everything in Prague zoo in one single day. It is really very difficult, not only with children. The best is simply choose one part which you want to visit. We have traditionally divided the Prague zoo into two main parts. The lower part and upper part.

In upper part there is big giraffe enclosure, bears, kangaroos, camels, pavilion of small mammals and insects and newly built big pavilion called "Indonesian jungle" - Yes, it really worth seeing.

Troja chateau.
Troja chateau is situated next to Prague ZOO.

Although the upper part of Prague zoo is really interesting, we think that better for small babies is the lower part. There is found elephants, tapirs, crocodiles, hippos, gorillas, capybaras, various kinds of monkeys, big birds and much much more. But for your children, will be the most interesting the childrens zoo, which is made as an old farm with pigs, cows, turkeys, goats and sheeps. Kids can go inside and feed the goats. Next to children's zoo is big playground. The two parts of Prague zoo are also connected by cable car.

Zoo is situated in northern part of Prague and you can reach there by bus 112 from metro station Nádraží Holešovice on line "C" - see Prague subway and bus routes.). There is also alternative ways. One is to go there by steamboat from Prague center. The second is to go beautiful walk cross Stromovka park (from tram station Výstaviště go to Stromovka park then around planetarium, then cross the Vltava river upon small bridge up to the Troja palace and Prague zoo.

Zoo Prague - map Adress: Zoologická zahrada hl. m. Prahy
U Trojského zámku 3/120, Praha 7

How to get there?

The best way how to get to ZOO Prague is by bus no. 112 or Zoo bus from metro station Nádraží holešovice (red line - "C"). Sometimes especially during summer time are these buses really full.
So here is alternative way how to get to ZOO Prague. Get on the tram station Výstaviště by tram no. 5, 12, 14, 15, 17, 53, 54 (for example from metro station Nádraží Holešovice). From there go by walk to Prague ZOO - it takes 2,8 kilometers but it is very nice walk.
From train station Výstaviště go to the Stromovka park (along fence of exibition area Výstaviště) which is situated left from main gate to exibition area. Follow the this road, on your left you will see a planetarium (it is also good to see) and after one kilometer turn right to underpass under the tracks. Go still straight, cross over the small bridge, then go straight, cross over bridge for walkers and then turn left. You will get to zoo parking lot next to the Troja Chateau. Turn right along chateau wall, go straight ahead and there will be ZOO Prague.
Or you can go from the Prague center by boat - it is good for children. Information is here.

What is nearby?

From the metro station Nádraží Holešovice you can go not only to Prague ZOO but also to the best (by us) music club in Prague - Cross club Prague.


"Fun for all ages."

Gutovka park for children in Prague.
Part of Gutovka area designed for children.

Gutovka is by far not just for kids. Located just a few steps from the metro station Strašnická is becoming still more popular among young Prague citizens and people with children. There is also a nice modern restaurant.

Prague for climbers.
One of the biggest climbing walls in middle Europe.

The big part of the area is devoted just to children. Except big children playground with many attraction, children can have fun in unique water world. Those who have grown up can visit one of the biggest climbing wall in the middle Europe, beach volleyball courts, small football gound, ropes course or big outdoor skate park.

In winter, the playgrounds are covered by heated halls, so you can use it whole the year. In winter you can also skate on the ice or to climb on the climbing wall. Not only by classic style but also Via ferrata - climbing path on the top of wall or climbing with Ice axe.

Zoo Prague - map Adress: Hamr sport - Gutovka
Gutova 39, Praha 10 - Strašnice

How to get there?

There are several possibilities how to get to Gutovka. The easiest way is to go by metro to Strašnická station ("A" line - green) and go underpass and then straight and after a few dozen of meters turn right and you are there.
- see Prague subway map.

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