Parks and Other Interestings in Prague

Cable car to Petřín hill in Prague.
Cable car to Petřín hill.

I f you feel tired of the bustle of the city, try to visit one of many parks in Prague. Among young Prague citizens is very popular to spend their freetime in parks with beergarden. You can drink some beers, eat some small specialities, talk with friends and meet new people in beautiful surroundings. In Prague parks you can find unique funicular, sit-down upon fortifications with beer and beautiful view to Prague, rest in the shadow of trees and many other pleasant things.

Petřín park

"Some call it Prague Central park or park of lovers."

P ark in the heart of Prague is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon. It lies just next to the Prague Castle (that stays on another hill) and you can connect the Prague castle visit with the visit of this park. Prague hill Petřín offers several sites worth seeing. For us, citizens of Prague, is the biggest attraction the park itself, where when the weather is nice you can have a rest or have a nice walk, but the greatest thing is having a picnic there. Petřín is for us a place where people in love have a date, a tranquil place for relax in a busy city center. In snowy winter again Petrin hill turns into a ski slope.

Petřín and Prague Sovovy Mlýny Gallery.
Petřín with Sovovy Mlýny gallery.

On the top of the hill stays Petřín Tower. It was build in 1891 after members of The Club of Czech Tourists visited world exposition in Paris and were astonished by brand new Eiffel Tower. Prague Petřín Tower is made of steel and its 60 metres hight with the hight of the Peřín hill makes it a great place to look for Prague. If you don't want to walk up to the hill you can go by cable car which is a part of Prague public city transport. The cable car you can take near the tram stop Újezd. Close to the Petřín Tower is also a nice rose garden, Štefánikova Astronomical Observatory, Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre and Church of St. Lawrence. On Petřín hill is also the Mirror House, which is very funny especially for children.

The wall visible from the ground up to Petrin hill called Hunger Wall was bulit by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV between 1360 - 1362 in times of hunger. And building of the wall had no other importance than just to give work and to feed people that suffered by hunger. If you cross the wall and continue to the part of the Petřín park called Kinský Gardens, you will find nice wooden Orthodox church built in the second half of the 17th century and relocated here in 1929 from Mukačevo in today's Ukraine.

Right next to the Petrin Park it is being refurbished apartment building in Kepler's 10th Street. There are several luxury apartments in Prague city center for sale.

Petřín Prague - map Adress: Petřín hill and park
Praha 1 and Praha 5

How to get there?

There exists many way how to get to Petřín by walk from Prague downtown. But if you want to use tram, the best way is to get tram no. 12, 20, 22 and 57 and get of at Újezd station. The tram station is close to funicular to Petřín. But the best way is to go up by walk :)

What is nearby?

Close to Park Petřín is famous drum´n´bass club Azyl Prague. You can get there through part of Petřín hill called Kinsky Garden and it can be good relax after quite dificult hill climb :)

Prague in 1820. Petřín from Prague Castle. Prague Strahov stadium Park and hungry wall. Lookout Tower on Petřín hill, Prague. Štefánik's Observatory. The Hunger Wall. Sightseeing gazebo on Petřín, Prague. View from Petřín hill. Park Petřín. Prague House of Mirrors. Wooden Church of St. Michael in the Kinski Garden. Steps to Petřín hill, Prague. Church of st. Lawrence. Autumn in Petřín park. Lagoon on Petřín, Prague.


"Vyšehrad symbolize the connection between ancient history of Czechs and modern age."

Church at Vyšehrad, Prague.
Church of St. Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad.

I t is one of our most favourite parks in Prague. Even though it is place with special magic atmosphere and there are many tourist attractions, most of Prague visitors do not visit it.

Vyšehrad is inseparable part of Prague landscape and history. Park Vysehrad is situated on rocky hill surrounded by fortification right above the Vltava river and Czechs have it associated with legend about brave Horymir and his mythological horse Semik. The legend is most known because of horse Semik, who saved Horymir's life by jumping from Vysehrad's rocks and lost his life during it.

Vyšehrad walls.
Vyšehrad is completely surrounded by the walls.

From Vysehrad there is really beautiful view to several parts of Prague, which you can enjoy during walk around rampart of Vysehrad. Dominant of Vysehrad is Church of St. Peter and Paul, Rotunda of St. Martin from 11th century or Slavín cemetry - the place were are buried famous persons of Czech history and art, for example czech writer Karel Capek.

In park you can see various small festivals, celebration and theatre performance - with special outdoor stage. Right next to rotunda is pleasant pub "on the rampart" with big beer garden and grill - mostly with vegetarian dishes which is favourite place for young Prague citizens in summer time.

Vyšehrad Prague - map Adress: Národní kulturní památka Vyšehrad
V pevnosti, Praha 2

How to get there?

You can get to Vysehrad easy by metro (red line "C") see - Vyšehrad station (see Prague underground map.), or by walk from tram station "Výtoň" (tram no. 3, 7, 17, 21, 52), where you can take a look for cubist buildings.

What is nearby?

If you will choose the longer way to Vyšehrad, you can admire beauty of cubist architecture or big portions of good food in pub Pod Slavínem. The pub is next to Albertov tram station so it is only two station from metro station Karlovo náměstí.

Sword fighters in Vyšehrad, Prague. Petanque in Vyšehrad. Tennis courts in Vyšehrad. Beergarden on Vyšehrad. Suicide bridge, Prague. Vyšehrad in Prague. Rotunda on Vyšehrad. Vyšehrad rocks. View from Vyšehrad to Prague castle. Statues in Vyšehrad. View from Vyšehrad to Prague. Maternity hospital Prague - Podolí. Cubism Prague. Cubist building in Prague. Josef Chochol´s cubist houses in Prague.

Park Letná

"Letná is one of the most popular parks in Prague, overlooking the entire city."

The view from Letenská pláň, Prague.
The view to Prague bridges from Letenská pláň.

I t is very good place for cyclists, roller-skaters and mothers with prams. But Letná park is not only about sports. You will see here architectural monuments too. For example huge metronome from sculptor Vratislav Novák or Letná palace. Let's go to look to Prague from pretty above.

Metronome Prague.
The Metronome on Letná is favourite place
for young Prague citizens.

Letná park is situated north of Prague city center, straight above Vltava river. The dominant feature of Letná park is on the southern part huge metronome, colloquially named pendulum. The metronome is situated on the pedestal of formerly Stalin´s monument, which had been here only for seven years (1955-1962) and it was called "queue for meat".

Park on Letná is also a place, where every year is held "Letní letná" - festival of new circus. Except this unique event, there is a lot of others, for example classic circus, funfair, fly a kite, military and modeler parades and so on.

Metronome/Stalin Prague.
Before metronome there was statue of Stalin called
by people "Queue for meat".

Park also hides several forgotten monuments. In south-east part is situated so called Brussels pavilion - part of Czech pavilion in Expo 58. To 1990 there was a restaurant and now resides there some company. Another interesting building is "Letenský zámeček", the chateau from 1715 with several restaurants and big beergarden - favourite meeting place for young Prague citizens.

New national library in Prague.
Planned but at the last minute rejected new building
of Czech National Library designed by
architect Jan Kaplicky.

On the other side of the park there is another two interesting buildings Hanavský pavilion and Kramářova vila. Hanavský pavilion is beautiful small Baroque Revival architecture pavilion with restaurant. Next to it is Kramářova vila which serves as the seat of Czech prime ministers.

Hanavský pavilion, Prague.
Hanavský pavilion with restaurant on Letná.

Behind park you can find Czech technical museum, which was completely reconstructed and in 2011 reopened. In the park was to build a new national library designed by Jan Kaplicky and his Future Systems, but dumb councillors of Prague unfortunately did not like the design and the building was abandoned - we hope that the building will be here in the future..

Letná park Prague - map Adress: Letenská Pláň
Praha 7

How to get there?

The best way to get to the park on Letná is from the tram station Sparta (by trams no. 1, 8, 15, 25, 26, 51, 56) - best from metro stations Hradšanská ("A" line) or Vltavská ("C" line). But for example from Staroměstské náměstí is good to go over the Čechův bridge and than to go up the hill. - see Prague public transport map.

What is nearby?

Close to the Letenská pláň is long-term good name in Czech drum´n´bass and reggae music - Wakata club Prague.

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