Clubs in Prague

H ere we would like to show you our favorite clubs in Prague, where you can meet interesting people and listen to Czech DJ´s. Genre will be around reggae, drumnbass, dubstep, freetechno and similar styles.


"If you visit just one Prague club, it should be the Cross Club."

Cross club Prague
Decoration of Prague Cross club.
T here are many clubs in Prague but not any other like Crossclub. In Crossclub meets unique conception with alternative styles of music, DJ's, creative visual arts, theatre performances and many other things. Club has it's own galery, cafe with restaurant and stair-step platforms to sit outside.

The club itsef is amazing. Original decoration of club's interior, furnishings and arts made of computer components, iron waste and other incredible things surprise.

Club offers music program on two stages and focuses on nonmainstrem music styles especially dub, reggae, world music, electronic and progressive projects, drum'n'base, jungle, breakbeat, dubstep, bassline, tekno, techno, house, electro, psytrance, alternative hip-hop, funky, soul, ska rockabilly, ska and punk.

If you are intrested to alternative life in Prague you should deffinitely visit Crossclub.

Cross club Prague - map

Adress: Crossclub
Plynární 23, Praha 7

How to get there? To get to Cross club is very easy. Use metro "C" - Red line. Get out at metro station Nádraží Holešovice (exit direction to Zoo), go left alongside tram rails 400 meters and there is it.
- see Prague subway map.

What is nearby? From the metro station Nádraží holešovice rides buses (no. 112) to Prague ZOO. So you can visit both in one day - this we highly recommended, you can have very funny day :).


"Contemporary art, quality concerts, movies, theatrical performances - all in the interesting industrial premises."

MeetFactory art club Prague.
Prague art club MEETFACTORY.

I nternational centre of contemporary art - Meetfactory is exhibition space rather than music club, but there is also a lot of concerts and other events.

Meet Factory was established by famous Czech artist David Černý (He is well-known because he painted soviet tank to pink, after Czech Velvet revolution in 1989; because he made baby statues in Prague TV tower or because of his "Entropa" - statue in Brusel during Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union). On the program of Meetfactory also contributes David Koller (famous Czech rock musician) and Alice Nellis (movie and theatre director). These three people guarantees quality of music, film and art programm. They want to give space not only to Prague and Czech artist throughout art directions with one specification - contemporary art.

Meetfactory is situated in a remote area of railway station Praha - Smíchov (in the direction from Prague to Plzeň). The building lies straight next to rails and it encourages to go there accross the rails, what is really dangerous and we recommended choose the longer but safer way over the bridge.. :)

Meetfactory club Prague - map

Adress: MeetFactory
Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5

How to get there? Take the subway "B" (yellow line) and get off at the station Smíchovské nádraží. Bear right along the train tracks, past bus station and go 400 meters straight ahead, cross train tracks over the bridge and then turn right. Then go straight ahead and after 300 meters you will reach the MeetFactory.
You can also go straight across train tracks from the end of train station Smíchovské nádraží. It is the nearest way but dangerous.
- see Prague subway map.

Club Azyl

"The successor of the famous drum'n'bass music club Punto Azul."

Azyl music club Prague
Music club Azyl Prague.

C lub Azyl, initially named Punto Azul, is one of the center of Prague´s jungle / drum’n’bass scene since the late nineties. Today, the Punto club is the history but now works in the same space club Azyl (or formely Shadow azyl). Club Azyl follows the music style of famous Punto music club, so you can hear here music styles like drum’n’bass, jungle, breakbeat, reggae, dancehall, dubstep, electro, hip-hop and other no-mainstream music styles.

Although it is really small music club, Azyl is pleasant place to meet friends with good offer of drinks and very good beer and music.

Azyl club Prague - map

Adress: Azyl music club
Kroftova 1, Praha 5 - Smíchov

How to get there? Azyl music club is close to Arbesovo náměstí and Švandovo divadlo tram stations. If you want to use metro, use yellow "B" line and get of at Anděl station. Then go to the north, alongside tram track and after 550 meters turn left. That´s all.
- see Prague public transport

What is nearby? Only few meters from Azyl Music Club is one of the most beautiful parks in Prague - Petřín.

Club Wakata

"Wakata is definitely one of the most important clubs of Prague´s drum'n'bass and reggae scene."

Walata club Prague
Music club Wakata Prague.

I t is one of the most famous underground music club in Prague. Together with Punto club, Wakata had a privileged position in Prague´s drum’n’bass scene during late nineties. No less important was always reggae and dancehall music.

A lot of Prague famous DJ´s are connected to Wakata music club and many of them has started their career here. Nowadays you can see in Wakata not only DJs, but also live concerts and DJ school. In the Club must not be missing in the Czech Republic so popular table football as well as original popular sandwiches.

Wakata club Prague - map

Adress: Wakata music club
Malířská 14, Praha 7 – Bubeneč

How to get there? To Wakata club you can go by walk through Letná park or by tram no. 15, 25, 26 - Letenské náměstí station. The closest metro station is Vltavská on "C" (red) line. - see Prague Public Transport Map

What is nearby? Wakata music club is very close to Letná plain with unique view to Prague. From there you will see the real hundred-spired Prague.

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